About Us

A productive & affordable co-working space for your dream to work in Surat.

Here at space4you, we make sure you get the comfortable and workable space that you need to focus on your daily tasks. It is said that – The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step and those small daily steps will lead you to massive success. 

Here at Space4You we believe into the concept of – Zero to One , because it’s the baby steps that matter and makes your base stronger.

You must have the peace of mind to work on your projects, conduct meetings with your team members & clients, network with like-minded people, take breaks, and freshen up to boost your creativity. This is the place you need to be during your working hours. Surat is a place filled with numerous cafes and workspaces , but when it comes to just the creativity part, we might be the only ones who gives you a chill space to work .

You can be your own boss!

Work the way you want – Chill – Experiment- Try different ways to work- Do what you love while loving what you do.

Sounds amazing right?

Well yes that’s the new way to live, Entrepreneurs !

And everyone of us know , that Surat is the city of the entrepreneur , so why not start your own office at a very affordable price.

About Our
Co-working Place

This is a homely space where you can have work from home but it’s better because you will have have a professional environment too. We are a Surat based new startup.

The comfort of your home but professionalise like an official setting. This will boost your productivity so that you don’t procrastinate off just like you do at your home. Here,  you don’t have an office owned by a boss who extracts every bit of your inspite you being stuck in stress. 

As we said earlier – You are your own boss !

The place is well divided into three sections :-

1) Cozy Space

2) Work Space

3)Meeting-Consultancy Room

Our Team

We are a passionate like minded group of people and we are here to give you the place you desire & deserve.

Samridhi Bhagat


She is a 20 year old , who started working at the age of 16.
She always believed in her ambitions , and knew she has to fulfil all her dreams soon , before the social pressure of getting married starts hitting her. She is a self love/care influencers and has achieved many things in the age of just 20. Know more about her , by checking out her social medias.

Aayush Gupta

Social Media Manager

Aayush is also a 20 year old. Owner of a marketing Firm - Destination Dreams. He is an Event Manager and has got high ambitions for his future. He is really good with the social media crunching and has learned copywriting
Sit and Sit , will not make you earn any penny is always described by him with his hard as well as smart working skills.
He has a keen interest in the stock market and always aims on having multiple streams of money income.

you can make a difference.

When you start something of your own you take tons of responsibilities on your shoulders. You need to take focused and calculated actions to achieve  your targets. This space will give you right environment to brainstorm, execute & network with people involved in your endeavours. Surat being a very small city, who knows you might end up networking with someone you had always wanted to.

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