About Us

A productive & affordable co-working space for your dream to work in Surat.

Here at space4you, we make sure you get the comfortable and workable space that you need to focus on your daily tasks. It is said that – The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step and those small daily steps will lead you to massive success. 

Here at Space4You we believe into the concept of – Zero to One , because it’s the baby steps that matter and makes your base stronger.

You must have the peace of mind to work on your projects, network with like-minded people, take breaks, and freshen up to boost your creativity with some of our best herbal teas in the Surat city. This is the place you need to be during your working hours so you can work while you chill, with cozy vibes. Surat is a place filled with numerous cafes and workspaces , but when it comes to just the creativity part, we might be the only ones who gives you a chill space to work where you have a coworking space near me .

You can be your own boss!

Work the way you want – Chill – Experiment- Try different ways to work- Do what you love while loving what you do.

Sounds amazing right?

Well yes that’s the new way to live, Entrepreneurs !

And everyone of us know , that Surat is the city of the entrepreneur , so why not start your own office at a very affordable price.

About Our
Co-working Cafe

This is a homely space where you can have work from home but it’s better because you will have have a professional environment too. We are a Surat based new startup.

The comfort of your home but professionalise like an official setting. Our Teas will boost your productivity so that you don’t procrastinate off just like you do at your home. Here,  you don’t have an office owned by a boss who extracts every bit of your inspite you being stuck in stress but the owners who chill with you. 

As we said earlier – You are your own boss !

The place is well divided into three sections :-

1) Coworking Zone

2) Chilling Zone

3) Smoking Zone 


Our Team

Just like different tea leaves that are infused to make a lovely cup of  tea , there are many situations in life that infuses in a person to make their personality .

Samridhi And Aayush had two different personalities and destinations. But as the covid hit them they wanted to try their hands on their passions.

Where Samridhi was a tea enthusiast and had been consuming various teas because of varied reasons , Aayush had always been a person who enjoys mixology.

Surat, Gujarat , being a dry state made them channelise a way into tea where She could analyse the benefits out of the tea and he could enjoy taking the feels of the bartender.

So they could make  it beneficial and fun at the same time.


People Who Love Our space




Hey guys i wanted to share a small experience of here so here at Space 4 you it’s like a family , Aayush and Samridhi are the most connecting and loveable humans i met yet. I love to meet them a-lot with my refreshing tea . Also they have variety of spices and lots of fact which i have never seen and the best part they themselves make something innovative for me ❤️ Thankyou☘️
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Graphic Designer
Cute little tea cafe and coworking space in Vesu. Friendly owner. Welcoming environment.

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Asrar Kapadia